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Rainouts & Reschedules

Please email no later than 5:00pm (or 7:00pm for a late game) to cancel both the umpire and the field. Remember, if you do not cancel the umpire they will still have to be paid. Each team will be given one “oops” in failing to notify the umpire in time, after that each team will be responsible for the umpire fees for that night.

The opposing coach must be notified 3.5 hours prior to the scheduled start of the game of any weather cancellations. For non-weather related cancellations the opposing coach must be notified by 5:00PM the day before the scheduled game.

Rescheduling a game?
Fields: Please email Rhiannon McMillan to schedule an available field.

Umpires:  Once you have procured a field, please email Taylor Assels and Larry Foden; to schedule umpires for your make-up game.

When an umpire is unavailable…
We do our best to schedule at least one umpire for all house league games (U12 to U19) and two for all rep games. Please understand that availability of qualified umpires sometimes is difficult but we hope that we will always be able to provide at least one umpire for your games.

Game Over?
When a game is called by the umpire, (game over), it constitutes a game. An umpire will also call a game for sudden extreme weather conditions, particularly where there is a threat of lightning. The call belongs to the umpire.